Hi there!

Here's the story...

When I was a kid, the albums from our family vacations were on the top shelf of my brother's bedroom closet. I would go in there all the time, climb on an unsturdy box and bring them down to look at them. I absolutely loved seeing the emotions shared between us as a family and reliving those moments all over again. Though that was years ago, and I can now reach the top shelf of the closets in my house, the same feelings remain the same every time I snap a picture and preserve a moment.

At home, I capture the everyday...the kids, my husband painting, Sophie the Cockatoo, Odie the Menace, Loki the Aussie Pup. My camera is always close by and we're all documenting those moments in between. I strive to capture those little moments that would otherwise slip on by unnoticed. It's my honor as a photographer to capture those moments...big and small.


For me, photography is more than a clicking on a shutter button. It's capturing emotion...a connection...a moment. Whether it's a newborn sleeping through their first moments, a family coming together or a bride and groom setting out on their new journey together, I love being a part of it. Photography makes me smile.


My studio door is always open. There's always cake and coffee and conversation.